Choral Winter Concert

Paul VI students and parents were treated to a special performance on February 27, when our Concert and Chamber Choirs and the OLGC youth choir gave a joint concert in the auditorium. It was a night filled with great choral music as well as some amazing soloists!

17 students from Our Lady of Good Counsel elementary school’s choir, with their director, Mrs. Marietta Grundlehner-Dixon (Mrs. G), came to our school on the 27th to perform with our choirs at the concert. This idea was proposed by Mrs. G. after our choirs sang at OLGC last December; she and Mrs. Trimble agreed that it would be nice to have an “intergenerational experience” in a concert here at PVI. Their choir performed Winter Fantasy by Jill Gallina and Chumbara by Dave and Jean Perry.

The Winter Concert of course also included performances by our amazing Chamber and Concert Choirs. The Concert Choir sang a fun jazz piece called Take Five, by Paul Desmond, as well as the beautiful song May it Be from the Lord of the Rings. The Chamber Choir sang a French song, Je le Vous Dirai, by Pierre Certon, and a German song, Verleih Uns Frieden, by Felix Mendelssohn.

This concert also featured various soloists and groups that performed their own songs. These ‘specials’ were from many different genres, including pop, jazz, and classical. Ji Soo Shin sang Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, Raney Swanberg sang Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, and Magali Palmer-Young sang Where’er You Walk by G. F. Handel. Sonja Chinje sang Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder, and Dawson Boese sang Black and Gold by Sam Sparro. Finally, the male quintet composed of Jacob Rozmajzl, Chris Greene, Stephen Underwood, Stephen Artner, and Max Snyder (filling in for Paul Mack, who was sick) sang Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe.

The concert ended with the Concert Choir and Chamber Choir both singing the gospel song Walk in Jerusalem arranged by Rollo Dilworth, and all of the choirs singing a combined song called Hope for Resolution, which combined an Anglican hymn with an African tune. The Winter Concert, along with the teaser two days before, was a huge success and many people were entertained by the wonderful music!

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