The Black and White Affair

The Black and White Affair returned to Old Town Hall in Fairfax on Feb. 8. Many juniors and seniors attended the third annual semi-formal dance event. Students embraced the black-and-white dress code, donning sophisticate suits (some guys rocked white tuxedos), separates, and dresses. It was an elegant and proper evening, and everyone came to dance.

The dance floor was one crazy place; Panthers sure know how to have a good time! Even if you didn’t go all out, you still fit right in. This dance was an opportunity for all the upperclassmen to bond.

The DJ really connected with the crowd, throwing his hands up in the air and singing along to all the songs, which made him a lot of fun.

“The whole night was amazing,” said Naomi Daniel ‘14. “Dinner and pictures were fun and all but the fun really started when we walked through the doors to the dance! My friends and I walked straight to the dance floor and didn’t leave until we were exhausted.”

Maggie Hunter ‘15 even went to the dance with a cast on her foot and on crutches! “I just didn’t want to miss this dance and I had such a great time. It was worth it,” said Hunter.

Another great aspect about this dance, in particular, was not having to worry about all the pressure of getting a date! Not only was that a fresh of breath air for the girls, but the guys didn’t have to worry either. Not having a date made it feel like a big party, making it more enjoyable.

PVI Catholic High School started this dance “two years ago so that upperclassmen have something in the winter, and it turned into a big hit,” says Caroline Hager ‘15. The weekend was eventful for Paul VI students because of the Feb. 7 pep rally with the student-faculty basketball game and recognition of winter sports athletes before that evening’s boys’ basketball game against O’Connell in the PAC.

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