St. Lucia Mission Trip Changes Lives

For Easter break, from April 17–24, a group of 23 Paul VI students went to St. Lucia in the West Indies on a mission trip where they visited the elderly and attended Mass with residents.

“I don’t mean to sound sappy but it changed my life,” said Taylor Blunk ‘15, describing how when she arrived in St. Lucia her whole world changed by just talking to some of the many elderly residents. Blunck said there was never a dull moment talking to these wonderful people, because they had so many amazing and intense stories to tell.

As the Paul VI students arrived in St. Lucia that Thursday morning at 3 a.m., they went straight to Mass to celebrate Holy Thursday. After Mass, the students and chaperones spent the day with these residents; they went to the pool or helped families get some food.

Students celebrated Mass with the St. Lucia’s residents every day from Holy Thursday to the Easter Vigil Mass to Mass on the last day of their mission.

Campus Ministry Coordinator Mrs. Joyce Krolicki explained how St. Lucia’s church celebrations are more Orthodox Catholic experiences than Mass at Paul VI. “You don’t make time for God, really include him in every moment of your day,” said Krolicki.

Campus Ministry Assistant Mrs. Debbie Bozik described how hard it was coming back to fast-paced Northern Virginia after the trip.

The students who participanted included: Angela Bozik, Kayla Bruni, Genevieve Coan, Clare Cosgriff, John Hearney, Stephanie Ibanez, Zachary Lock, Patrick Losique, Cullen Lowry, Marcela Luna Rosales, Frances McCurry, Kathryn Mullin, Kevin O’Callaghan, Maggie O’Neill, Elisabeth Pagliuca, Natalie Provost, John Siegal, Aaron Skouby and Kylie Wright.

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