Let’s Talk About It

By Rachel Green, Emilie Razuri, and Jenna Sobieski
Staff Reporters

December 2014 kicks off Panther Press’ new advice column, “Let’s Talk About It,penned by Rachel Green, Emilie Razuri and Jenna Sobieski. Please email (pvipress@pvipanther.net) or Tweet us (@pvipantherpress) your comments and conundrums.

Dear “Let’s Talk About It,” I have a really difficult teacher that gives me hours and hours of homework a night. As a junior in highschool, I don’t have that kind of time to invest in one subject. She is really an irrational  person, and I don’t even know how to reason with her. Please help. —Frustrated Student

Dear Frustrated Student, You need to talk to her personally. Email her and set up a time to talk. If she denies that she is giving too much homework, consult your advisor, your guidance counselor or Mr. Opfer. I am sure they would be happy to work through this with you. —Your friends at “Lets Talk About It”

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons license.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons license.

Dear “Let’s Talk About It,” I’m in a situation that involves two very different people that really care about me. I’ve been off and on with my current boyfriend, and so far things have been good. But recently, I’ve been getting closer to someone else. We started off as friends in the beginning of the year, and recently he has confirmed that he has feelings for me. The fact that my friend has started to feel this way really emphasizes doubts that I currently have about my boyfriend. Though things are going really well right now, anything could change within a day or an hour. I don’t really know what to say or do, especially since I can’t come to a win–win conclusion. Please help! —Three is a Crowd

Dear Three is a Crowd, The first thing you need to do is weigh out the consequences of both decisions. I realize you really do care about your boyfriend, and you seem to be happy about where you guys are headed at the moment. I understand, however, that you and he have had some rocky moments and another one could be just around the corner.

Regardless of who you choose, it is important that you do not start something new without ending the other romantic relationship. Leading somebody on is one of the most manipulative things a person can do; it can lead to feelings of being seriously hurt. Think of it this way: it must be frustrating to think about potential opportunities you might miss if you don’t pursue your relationship with your friend, and I’m sure the history between you and your boyfriend makes you feel like happiness is only temporary.

On the other hand, you know your boyfriend. At least, you know the kind of person he is in a relationship, and you are well aware of the good and the bad. If you choose to move into a relationship with your friend, you are wandering into unknown territory. There is no guarantee that things will work out a million times better than how things are going with your current boyfriend.

For the time being, choose stability. If you and your boyfriend go through another breaking point, that very well may be a sign to break things off. But for now, things seem to be going well between you two. As for your friend, if he truly does like and care about you, he will wait until you are available. —Your friends at “Let’s Talk About it”

Dear “Let’s Talk About It,” I have witnessed people making fun of this girl in my class, and at times, it can be funny, but I know that it is wrong. What would be the best way to approach this? Should I even get involved or would they start making fun of me, too? —Bully Buster 3000

Dear Bully Buster 3000, Obviously, bullying is a problem that you know is wrong.  Any form of bullying, even if it seems harmless to everyone else, is never okay. My advice is to talk to the girl being bullied. Reach out to her, so she knows that she isn’t alone. I would also suggest bringing the information to an adult, such as your teacher, advisor or guidance counselor, so that he or she can address the problem appropriately.—Your friends at “Let’s Talk About It”

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