PREVIEW: ‘Emma!’ The Musical

By Jackie DiBartolomeo
Staff Reporter

PVI is known for putting on some of the best musical theater productions in the area. Performances like The Addams Family and Guys and Dolls have been huge successes in years past.

This year, PVI is testing the waters with something much different than we’ve ever seen.  Emma!, premiering Friday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m., with additional performances Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, is a story that many describe as a musical version of the popular teen romance movie, Clueless, about a girl named Cher who plays matchmaker at her school in trying to bring two of her teachers together.

Like Cher, the title character of Emma tells the story of a highschool girl trying to become a matchmaker. In Emma’s case, her goal is to set girls up with guys that are way out of their leagues.

Emma! is also loosely based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen, author of other famous works such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.  Although it takes inspiration from Jane Austen’s work, what truly brings it alive is the modern music. Ranging from The Supremes to Katy Perry, Emma! has something for everyone.  If you’re a fan of great songs, girl power, and maybe even a little romance, Emma is definitely the right choice for you.

Senior Abigail Rozmajzl ‘16, who previously starred as Morticia in The Addams Family and Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, will play the lead role of Emma. To find out more about the upcoming production, Panther Press asked Rozmajzl to fill us in.

What is Emma about?

Emma! is basically “Clueless: The Musical.” A girl decides that it’s her ambition to be a matchmaker and tries to set a girl up with guys who are way out of her league.

How did the drama department choose this show to put on?

It’s left up to Mrs. Miller, our director, Mrs. d’Alelio, our choreographer, and Erin and Naj, our music directors.

What is your character like, and what do you like most about playing her?

Emma is just a bubbly character. It’s great to be able to be comedic and also have my dramatic moments as well.

What is one of the best reasons people should come to see the show?

The music is going to be a blast!  There are going to be a ton of songs that everyone is going to know, since it has a ton of pop music in it.


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