PVI Forming a Field Hockey Club

Alex Aguilera
Senior Editor

Looking over past PVI fall sports schedules, you’ll find a number of popular student athlete programs, like
soccer, football, and cross country. One that you won’t find? Field hockey.

A group of PVI students are trying to change that, led by sophomore Margaret McConville ‘18 who is working to establish a club team at PVI. This club will serve as the predecessor to an official team that will be formed once the school moves to Loudoun County in 2020.

“I’d been hoping for this ever since I shadowed PVI and found out that they didn’t have my sport” said McConville, who began playing field hockey at the club level in 2nd grade.

Over 20 girls attended an interest meeting at PVI on February 17, which is more than enough for the 11 players required for a full squad.  Due to the level of interest, McConville said there will likely by two teams based on skill level.  

PVI hopes to lay the groundwork for a future varsity field hockey team by forming a club squad next fall. (Margaret McConville/Panther Press).

PVI students hope to lay the groundwork for a future varsity field hockey team by forming a club squad next fall. (Margaret McConville/Panther Press).


For many of students who expressed interest in the sport, this would be their first time playing field hockey on a high school team.

“I am so excited to try field hockey next year because I can meet new people while learning a new sport,” said fellow sophomore Kelsey Shea ‘18.

The club hopes to scrimmage other local official high school teams several times a month, which will develop the team’s skills and fundamentals. Practices will be frequent, but not as often as an official sport, which will allow girls to play on the field hockey team as well as another fall sport for PVI. The hope is that all of this will help pave the way for an official varsity team to begin once the school completes its move to the new South Riding campus in Loudoun County.

The next step is for the for team to finish collecting paperwork and recruit a coach before practices and scrimmages can begin in the fall of 2016.

If you are interested in joining the PVI Field Hockey Club, contact Margaret McConville ‘16 (mcconvillem@pvipanther.net).

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