Gabby Cecil: Our Student Equestrian

Gabby with her pony Eyes Up (l) and her horse Paisley Park (r). Photo courtesy of Gabby Cecil.

By Timothy McCloskey
Student Correspondent

“I am an English rider, and I’m a hunter,” says Gabby Cecil ’18. “Hunter is a type of riding where you jump, but are judged based on how nicely you jump and how good your equitation (posture) is while you ride. The type [of riding] does not change from pony to horse, only the height of the jump. On my pony, I jumped 2′ 6″, 2′ 9″, and 3′. On my horse, I jump 3′, 3′ 3″, and 3′ 6″.”

Gabby’s mount is named Paisley Park, and she practices every single day for three hours. She trains at Somerset Farm in Great Falls, which is about five minutes from her home. To balance practicing with schoolwork, Gabby often brings her books to the barn to sneak in a little work if she can, and she often goes to bed late.

Read the full story in The Arlington Catholic Herald.

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