Class of 2017 Senior Superlatives

By Kelsey Loesch
Special Correspondent

These are the Class of 2017 Senior Superlative results:

Most School Spirit: Lainie Davison & Dillon Costello

Most Likely to Make You Laugh Until You Cry: Kelly Farmar & Marcello Abbate

Most Likely to Find A Cure for Cancer: Sophia Paldino & Tommy Sheehan

Most Likely to Play a Pro Sport: Gabby Gordon & Mikayla Vaughn & Aaron Thompson & Jimmy Check

Most Likely to Come Back and Work at PVI: Amanda Emerson & Graeme Wright

Biggest Case of Senioritis: Taylor Gill & Michael Lucas

Most Likely to Star in a Reality TV Show: Alli McAlpine & James Wilkins

Best Dressed on a TAG Day: Lauren Merrifield & Lisa Ngyuen & Willy McGuigan

Most Likely to be a Millionaire: Allison Zammit & David Loving

Most Likely to Blow Up Social Media: Julia Baum & Wesley Dyer

Biggest Glo-Up from Freshman Year: Stephanie Neves & Kevin Coutry

Most Distinct Laugh: Maddie Chiarizia & Patrick Casey

Most Artistic: Katie Wheeler & Lucas Tauscher

Most Likely to Win an Oscar: Kelsey Loesch & Drew Goldstein

Most Likely to Win a Grammy: Caleigh Davis & Stephen Artner

Most Likely to Be President: Autumn Kane & Matt Brown

Coolest Car in the Lot: Pooja Patel & Peter Schafer

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize: Allie Potter & Landon Labuskes

Best Friends: Elise Hall & Shaylyn Smith and Nick Aguilera & Kevin Lindsay

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Andrea Mueller & Grace Lloyd & AJ Nieves

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