A Tale of Russian Intrigue Takes the Stage at Paul VI

Caitlin Hollen
Staff Reporter

The theater program has been hard at work building sets, making costumes, setting up lights, and, of course, acting to bring you this year’s fall play – Anastasia.

Anastasia is set after Tsar Nicholas II and his family was murdered during the Russian revolution; however, it is rumored that the youngest daughter, Anastasia, survived and a grand Romanov fortune now awaits her return. The story follows two men as they try to pass off a normal girl as the lost princess and acquire the royal inheritance. Can they succeed where so many before them have failed?

Find out on these dates:

Thursday, November 16- 7PM

Friday, November 17- 7:30PM

Saturday, November 18- 7:30PM

Sunday, November 19- 2PM


Students and seniors: $5

Adults: $10

Don’t miss out! Come and enjoy th historic play with friends and family.

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