Blood for a Cause

Ava Burkhat
Staff Reporter

On October 25th, PVI teachers and students participated in a Blood Drive to help those affected by cancer and other diseases, accidents, and tragedies like the shooting in Las Vegas. The event was run by Brent Kiefer (Class of 2020), who worked with Mrs. Krolicki and his friends to bring everything together.  INOVA provided the “blood mobile”, where donators had privacy to give their blood.

37% of the population is able to give blood, but only about 3% do. By holding the Blood Drive at PVI, “We are hoping to encourage younger people like our high school students to donate early, so they’ll donate when they’re older,” said Mrs. Kiefer, Brent’s mother and fellow organizer.

Those donating had to be at least 16 years old and weigh 110 pounds. You can only donate every 56 days. However, one pint of blood can save 6 lives. PVI’s blood drive collected 41 units of blood, enough to save 123 lives.

Brent is hoping to make this an annual occurrence for PVI until he graduates. If this wonderful event continues, PVI will be helping our community and setting an example for generations to come.

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