Catholic Schools Week Concludes with Spirited Pep Rally

Caitlin Hollen
Staff Reporter

The Panthers showed off their school pride for Catholic Schools Week at an exciting pep rally! All grades got to dress in their class colors: freshman wearing all black, sophomores in blue, juniors in green, and seniors in red.

The pep rally started with a short game of floor hockey. Since it was easy to differentiate the class, each person was representing based on the color of their clothes, the crowd went wild whenever their team scored a goal. The excitement in the Panther Activity Center continued to build as some scooters were brought out for the next activity: human curling. Although regular curling may not be particularly edge-of-the-seat gripping, this contest proved more interesting as one person was pushed on a flat scooter to a marked target on the ground, while two people quickly tried to sweep the floor ahead. When it got down to the sophomores and seniors battling each other for the title of curling champions, they abandoned the sweepers (one person’s broom had broken anyway.) The seniors shoved the sophomores out of the taped circle target as everyone (particularly the red section of the bleachers) erupted in victory.

The rest of the pep rally consisted of performances by the dance team, the faculty vs student basketball game, and bobsledding. The teachers faced off the students with some cool moves in the basketball game, but the students ended up winning against their superiors. Despite the loss, it was enjoyable to see the teachers leave the classroom and hit the court for this school-wide event. Perhaps the most exciting event, however, was the bobsledding relay. Each person laid on their stomach on two scooters and pushed themselves around the course marked out by cones. The relay was close between the classes, and when the seniors won (closely tailed by the sophomores,) a section of the bleachers ran down to meet their victor. The freshman and juniors were busy overtaking each other a few paces away, but all eyes were on the winners.

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