PVI Varsity Wrestling Gains a Win against Gonzaga

Aidan Pollard
Staff Reporter

The Paul VI Varsity Wrestling team beat the Gonzaga team during a match on Thursday, January 25 to get another win. They beat Gonzaga by 30 points, with a final score of 51-21. Gonzaga is a major rival to PVI, especially on the wrestling mat.

The Varsity Wrestling team’s coach, Mr. Mike Eastman, thought that the most exciting part of the wrestling match was seeing the team wrestle in front of the entire school, and that the support given to the wrestlers was great. He also said that it felt good beating Gonzaga, because they are a big rival to PVI and also a great wrestling program, and that varsity has been looking forward to this match for a while.

“I like watching my team compete,” Coach Eastman said. “They practice the same way for every match whether it is the first match of the season or the state tournament.”

Coach Eastman has been coaching PVI wrestling since fall of 2006. He has been wrestling since he was a kid, and also wrestling in college, at George Mason University.

One of the seniors on the team, Patrick Cole said that his favorite part was having the entire school watch them beat the Gonzaga . He was never worried during the match, so it felt even better when they won and it also showed the entire school that the team is actually good.

He likes wrestling because he can inspire the underclassmen to wrestle, so they can enjoy being watched by the entire school at some point. He also says that wrestling someone is weird, but you eventually get used to it. Patrick has been wrestling since sophomore year, just for fun. Now he wrestles for varsity (and is good at it, too).

Paul VI wrestling has taken first place in two tournaments, second place in two, and third place in another. Their overall record is 26 wins and 6 losses. Come out and support the team as often as you can!


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