Reach’s Carnation Sale Brightens Cold Winter Days

Augusto Uriona
Staff reporter

Last month, Reach, a PVI club aimed at making all students feel welcome, held their annual Carnation Sale.

Reach was inspired by the Rachel Challenge and is run by Dr. Mary Sullivan-Haller. It is student run and many members enjoy being involved in the various school activities that are hosted by Reach. Reach is in charge of many school projects such as the Toy Drive for underprivileged children in our area and the annual Christmas Door Decorating contest.

The Carnation Sale is meant to boost the spirits of students during the cold winter season and to show love to your family and friends. Reach members always enjoy putting the sale together each year because it is a fun activity that really brings the students together. The Carnation Sale is not meant to be used for romantic gestures. It is supposed to be a unique way to spread kindness and cheer by sending flowers to your friends, siblings or even teachers.


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