Gabby Cecil: Our Student Equestrian

By Timothy McCloskey Student Correspondent “I am an English rider, and I’m a hunter,” says Gabby Cecil ’18. “Hunter is a type of riding where you jump, but are judged based on how nicely you jump and how good your equitation (posture) is while you ride. The type [of riding] does not change from pony…

For PVI Seniors, ‘Decision Day’ Nears

May 1st, the infamous final deadline for college decisions, is quickly approaching. For some seniors, this comes as immense relief. After months and months of applications, writing essays, alumni interviews, and campus tours, the wait will be over and their futures will be decided for the next few years. For those who have not yet made their decision, or are struggling to decide between two top contenders, these next few days will be stressful and frustrating. And as for the lucky few who applied early decision and heard back in December, they will get to sit back and watch their friends suffer in relative sympathy.

‘Pulseras’ for a Cause

This week, April 18-22, the PVI Spanish Honor Society is selling pulseras (Spanish for “bracelets”) for five dollars in the cafeteria during lunch. The proceeds from these colorful, handcrafted bracelets go to the Pulsera Project, a nonprofit that provides support to a variety of charitable organizations.

PREVIEW: ‘Emma!’ The Musical

‘Emma!,’ premiering Friday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m., with additional performances Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, is a story that many describe as a musical version of the popular teen romance movie, ‘Clueless,’ about a girl named Cher who plays matchmaker at her school in trying to bring two of her teachers together.

PVI Student Earns Perfect Score on AP Exam

PVI’s Landon Labuskes ‘17 has accomplished a feat shared by only twelve students in the world: a perfect score on the AP Calculus AB exam. Although an impressive accomplishment for anyone, Landon was a fourteen-year-old sophomore when he took the exam and received the perfect score.

ACH: PVI Seniors Find Time to Pursue their Passions

The second semester of senior year can be a taxing time for students. At Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, many seniors are deeply involved in afterschool activities, whether they play a varsity sport, act in a PVI Players’ production or flaunt their school spirit in the “VI Man” student section. What their peers may not know is that many seniors also devote themselves to extracurricular passions outside of school while still keeping up with difficult course loads.

ACH: Paul VI Student Trailblazes a New Program

Hannah Fulop, a senior at Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, is the first student to take advantage of the school’s new Directed Independent Study (DIS) program. Under the guidance of science teachers Michael Potter and Eileen Liberti, Fulop is culturing and growing fruit fly cells without instructions and using lab procedures she’s designed herself.