The Future

‘There is something called the future, and it scares me half to death. Being seventeen, there is so much of this world that I haven’t even seen yet. The years have gone by, and I still haven’t grown up. Part of me wants to stay in a world of innocence and curiosity with all the colors of my youth, but now it’s time to face the truth: my whole world has gone blue.’

Gabby Cecil: Our Student Equestrian

By Timothy McCloskey Student Correspondent “I am an English rider, and I’m a hunter,” says Gabby Cecil ’18. “Hunter is a type of riding where you jump, but are judged based on how nicely you jump and how good your equitation (posture) is while you ride. The type [of riding] does not change from pony…

Nguyen Wins Science Fair, Goes on to Regionals

Allison Nguyen’s “Study of Graphene Oxide in Dental Applications” determines “if, when a dental filling composed of graphene oxide or composite resin material is created, then a dental filling composed of 10 mg of graphene oxide would be the strongest when force was applied.” The answer is yes.

Hunger Is Norm for Many

On November 15, Paul VI students will take part in a World Hunger Day simulation, organized by the Paul VI Student Government Association. The purpose is to raise awareness of hunger and poverty around the world, said Mrs. Hanley, Assistant Principal for Admissions and Student Life.